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Migration Phenomena and the Education of Psychologists:

The Call for Educational Programs Aimed at Promoting Psychological Competencies in the Field of Migration Phenomena and Design of Policies Concerning Them [PDF]

Report on the Board's online survey about the academic psychological education of non-psychologists. Paper presented at the conference Psychologiedidaktik und Evaluation, May 30-31, 2014 in Witten, Germany

Article on the education of psychologists in Europe in The Psychologist - kindly supported by EuroPlat members

  • Reddy, P., Dutke, S., Papageorgi, I., & Bakker, H. (2014). Educating Europe. The Psychologist, 27, 928-931. [PDF]


Symposium at the International Congress of Applied Psychology 2014 in Paris: Teaching Psychology in Europe – Perspectives of the EFPA Board of Educational Affairs

  • Abstract [PDF]
  • Contributions:

Coombs, Mampaey, Schrempf, & Stuchlikova: Psychological literacy: Teaching psychology at the secondary school (pre-tertiary) level. [PDF]

Bakker, Morrison, & Stuchlikova: Psychology Bachelor’s Qualification in Europe. [PDF]

Reddy: Employability - BSc psychology in the UK. Preparing for and entering the graduate world [PDF]

Dutke, Epler, & Zani: Psychology in the academic education of non-psychologists.[PDF]


Roundtable Discussion at the European Congress of Psychology 2013 in Stockholm: Consequences and Potentials of the Bologna Process for Education in Psychology

  • Abstract [PDF]
  • Summary: Potentials of the Bologna Process for Psychology [PDF]